Vartel is an Atlanta based Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP). Vartel has been around since 1996 providing communications equipment and services. In 2009, Vartel placed major focus on our (ITSP) products and now provides only ITSP products and services.

Our expertise was developed by our team that each has more than 30 years in the telecommunications industry where we perfected the delivery of telecommunication solutions for large and complex business applications. Our experience spans the hospitality, medical, retail, general business, city, county, and state government as well as military institutions.

As Vartel developed our Voice over IP platform, we focused on dependability, flexibility and scalability but not just these attributes as we added major focus on business continuity. The result of our solution is a rock solid solution that scales effortlessly and on demand. The result to our customer is a product that has no geographic boundaries without any limits on the size a customer. Vartel developed our hosted VoIP as opposed to buying another company that had a good idea. We know where our product came from and why we built it the way we built it.

Our core products are VartelHosted, VartelConnect, and Vartel911.

VartelHosted is a solution providing new system solutions or the replacement of an existing premised based telephone system. Regardless if the customer has a small Key System or a multi-site PBX telephone system, VartelHosted can emulate what the customer has in place or create a new configuration with some ingenuity behind the design and implementation.

VartelConnect is a VoIP SIP based trunking replacement for traditional telephone company lines. VartelConnect takes advantage of the internet for telephone line delivery. VartelConnect has enough flexibility so that VartelConnect is compatible with any make of telephone system. VartelConnect generally saves the customer around 50% on the monthly telephone line cost while providing tremendous flexibility.

Vartel911 is a solution that provides connectivity to the Public Safety Answer Point (PSAP) for carriers and customers with pooled resources spread over many different locations.

We welcome you to take advantage of our many years of real-time experience.