Cogent Communications is a multinational, Tier 1 facilities-based ISP, consistently ranked as one of the top five Internet backbone networks in the world. Cogent specializes in providing businesses with high speed Internet access, Ethernet transport and colocation services. Cogent’s facilities-based, all-optical IP network provides services in 190 markets globally. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT COGENT […]

Support Survey Results

Thank you to those that responded to our survey. Your opinion matters to us. Fri 2/9/2016 11:33 PM 1. When did you request support?: More than 30 days ago Did your request get resolved?: Yes 2. Was your request handled timely?: Yes 3. How was the attitude of the support person helping you?: 5. Excellent […]

1st Quarter 2016 Promotions

A review of the newly issued business license indicates an upswing in start-up businesses. Because a start-up needs to be frugal with capital funds, Vartel is offering a start-up promotion that includes the telephones at no-charge so you can preserve your capital. Take advantage of this opportunity while the offer last. Is the offer to small?  If you […]

What does the FCC’s mandates have to do with me?

What does the FCC’s decision have to do with me? The FCC has mandated that large telecom carriers no longer have to support PRI and analog phone lines and other traditional PSTN services after 2018. Why should you worry? Let’s assume for just a minute that your business sells wheels.  Your best selling wheel for years […]