We thank you for taking the time to read our FAQs. If these answers don’t address all your inquiries about our solutions and services please call us so we can help.


Users Guide

Is there an on-line resource for VartelHosted station users guides?

The following on-line users guides are available:

Contact your system administrator if you are not certain which subscription category (COLO or BB10) you are subscribe to.

Polycom Set Users Guides

Is there a Polycom users guide for the telephone?

Yes the Polycom users guides are available below:

  • VVX 400 or 410
  • VVX 300 or 310


  • I hear a recording when I try to make a call?
    • The recording says “I’m sorry, simultaneous call limit reached”

Each user of Vartel services subscribes to a certain amount of concurrent calls.

When you reach your concurrent call limit the outside world will receive a normal busy signal.  As an inside user you will hear the following recorded message:

This will serve as an indicator to you and your users that the maximum concurrent call limit has been reached. Should you hear the recording often you may wish to consider adding an addition concurrent call channel or maybe more than one.

Please contact Vartel customer support if you have questions..

  • Will service include 911 capabilities? In nearly all cases, yes.
  • Will it sound like I am using VoIP?

No. Our sound is crystal clear.

  • What do I need to get started?

An internet connection and a telephone.

  • Will you come and install the system?

Usually you just plug the telephones in to your network and you will be ready to go.

  • Will I need an on-site technician?

No, all features are accessed via your favorite browser.

  • Can I keep my telephone number?

Yes, in most cases.  A simple number port is generally all that is required.



  • How long will it take to get my service up and running?

Once the appropriate equipment is on site, service can be active in minutes. The average client can expect to have equipment delivered, and service active, in as few as 24 hours.

  • Do I have to have a whole room of specialty equipment?

Our service is of benefit to businesses because it requires such a small amount of equipment and can often be delivered as a virtual connection to many phone systems. VartelCONNECT is flexible and customizable allowing the client to define their needs and we will find the solution.

  • I am happy with my phone system, how can Vartel help me?

If your phone system is serving your needs and you simply want to save money and add flexibility, Vartel trunks can replace the expensive phone company lines and trunks.

  • My phone system is in need of replacement, how can Vartel help me?   

If your phone system is in need of replacement, VartelHosted service will completely replace that room of equipment and provide you with high quality desktop sets. Either way you win!