Reduce Monthly Bills

Before VoIP technology the telephone lines that connected your existing telephone system to the telephone network were referred to as Lines or Trunks. They came in two formats–analog or digital. VartelConnect replaces those existing lines or trunks with a cost-effective VoIP service.

VartelConnect Provides

  • VoIP SIP trunks
  • Methods to work with ANY telephone system
  • DIDs
  • Flat Rate Business Trunks
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • A way to have new local telephone numbers
  • A way to keep your current telephone number

Why pay for your statically assigned lines and trunks around the clock when you don’t use them after-hours, on holidays, or on weekends. Pooling enterprise-wide trunks will eliminate under-utilized resources.

The math is simple.  Assume that across your enterprise you have a grand total of 100 trunks.  Most companies will average use of about 70% of that full capacity.  Apply this to the pooled trunk plan and you will spend 30% less than you spend today. Add the reduced charges of VartelConnect and you can have a very rapid ROI.

Companies that are happy with their telephone systems but simply want to add SIP trunks and some hosted features can easily do so. Many newer telephone systems will allow a direct connection to VoIP trunks via the internet, however some of the older telephone systems cannot support VoIP trunks.  The addition of an interface that converts VoIP to a format that your telephone system supports and with the power of VartelConnect we can have you up and going quickly. This makes VartelConnect one of the most powerful tools available to a customer today. The Vartel Business Continuity practice makes sure the new way is the right way.