Unified Communications

Users Require Flexibility

Vartel host our solutions in the cloud.  Since our solutions live in the cloud the user has no geographic boundaries. Likewise the user can have calls appear on a desktop phone, smart device, cellphone, or ring on a home telephone.  This flexibility allows a company to have employees that reside or travel anywhere in the country yet still appear to be in a contiguous office environment.

Calls that are directed to the users extension can use Find-Me Follow-Me or simultaneously ring on all devices.  Users can attach voice mail messages to an email and forward to other email recipients or archive messages for long term storage with case files allowing later retrieval.


Unified Communicator

This Unified Communicator is a purpose-built software client that provides a rich set of call management functions including extension status monitoring (ringing, busy, available) with calls details and call interception capabilities.

Knowledge workers, operators, and receptionists can benefit from its rich call management and presence capabilities. It provides integration with Microsoft Outlook/LDAP/CRM like SalesForce and ZOHO CRM as well as others.

The communicator panel can be used in a standalone mode with headset to answer and manage calls directly with your computer, or in tethered mode with any telephone device to facilitate communications without geographic boundaries.

Easy integration with CRM, Web, and Email.