VartelSIP Trunks

VartelSIP is Vartel’s method of delivering and receiving bulk origination and termination to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Customers or service providers that can benefit from bulk origination and termination will find that Vartel911, VartelSIP’s pricing plans, number porting and inventory of DID numbers for the United States and Canada easy to access and deploy.



VartelSIP for is a business-grade “connect to the world” solution for organizations that have invested in a solution to deliver unified communications for their enterprise and to communicate with the outside world.

VartelSIP can be deployed as a High Availability(HA) solution to meet organizations communications needs today with the utmost of flexibility for tomorrow and into the future. Whether you’re looking for 6 or 100’s of concurrent calls, knowing that as your needs change, it can scale and grow. VartelSIP is delivered directly from our private cloud platform which means all you need is an on-premise telephone solution. 



VartelSIP Trunks … simple and easy… call us today for more information.