Vartel is Your Single Source Solution Provider

Vartel offers the consumer several products to fit any solution.  Since our solutions live in the cloud we can work with any existing telephone system or replace an obsolete one.

All Vartel solutions incorporate Vartel Business Continuity practices to make sure the new way is the right way.

VartelHosted is a comprehensive cloud communications platform that can do it all: quick and efficient delivery of enterprise PBX, Unified Communications (voice, video, presence, instant messaging, faxing), contact center, conferencing and business mobility services. It has the ability to transform any contact center for the better.  Visit our Contact Center page for more detailed discussion of contact centers. Vartel standardized on the Polycom VVX series telephones to ensure that the customer will have the best user experience. If you want to review the Polycom products click on this link.

VartelHosted can provide the user with the telephones, software and features to use on our cloud solution.  Users can all be at the same location or in different locations because the internet is the connection to the VartelHosted solution. This means that you can have your team all in different locations around the country to take advantage of different time zones or reduce your brick and mortar footprint thereby reducing your operational cost.

The VartelHosted solution provides the consumer with a fantastic ROI and the cost of on-going maintenance support is zero dollars. Many solution-providers will charge a maintenance fee for each set supposedly for “free” software upgrades and “free” system support and remote changes.  How is it “free” if you have to pay a monthly maintenance charge?

VatelHosted is truly no charge for remote changes to your system configurations or when we upgrade our cloud software. We do not charge a monthly maintenance fee nor do we hide that fee in an inflated monthly service charge. To physically move a telephone is as simple as unplugging it and re-plugging it in, in a new location… even a different geographic location.

We standardized on the Polycom VVX series telephone for our desktop solutions. Users will enjoy the High Definition Voice quality that the Polycom series provides.  No compressed sound to make you sound like you are using two tin cans and a string.

VartelConnect is our solution to replace the traditional incoming telephone lines providing savings and flexibility while allowing the customer to use any on-site telephone system they choose.  VartelConnect gives a great opportunity to collectively-pool trunking from all of your locations and share those pooled resource with all of your users.  This approach will enable 4-digit dialing to all sites and will always result in cost savings while enabling our powerful business continuity programs that will protect you during times of power outage, internet outage, or other catastrophic event.  This plan constantly monitors your connections and launches the plan without intervention from any live person and returns the connection to normal when everything is restored. Oh, and by the way…. we do not charge you for that plan… it is free… included as part of our offer.

Telephone systems have progressed greatly in just the past 10 years. Once upon a time (sound like a fairy tale, huh?) telephone equipment lived in a room someplace in your office and used proprietary cards and telephones. Small Businesses were not allowed to take advantage of the same enterprise features used to larger companies.

These older on-premise phone systems require purchasing Maintenance Agreements or a Time & Material arrangement, require often expensive software upgrades to stay current or the system becomes “unsupported” These traditional solutions have feature sets that cost a small fortune & provide limited flexibility, and eventually they become obsolete.

If you are the owner of one of these aging or obsolete telephone systems and would like to learn more about our service, please complete the information request form below.  I promise there will be no HIGH PRESSURE salesperson calling you.