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Creating a 1st class solution requires many different components and services.  You have no doubt heard before the old saying “jack of many, master of none”.  This is true with most of us as individuals, and true for service providers too.  We have witnessed in the industry a company being very good at one thing and then thinking they like what another company has and then it begins. One company buys another and so on until the one company has so many different fingers of business they can’t figure out which finger to use to scratch.

Vartel was founded by individuals with more than 30 years of serious industry experience;  which taught us to focus on one thing and do it well. In 2009 we made the decision to focus on telephone service in the cloud, Voice over IP (VoIP).

Vartel provides three primary product solutions, VartelHosted™, VartelConnect™, and Vartel911™.

VartelHosted™ is a cloud-based platform providing us the ability to create Disaster Recovery Solutions and telephone solutions with No Geographic Boundaries. VartelHosted™ offers useful features like Unified Communications, Hosted Desktop Telephones, Automated Attendant, Call Recording, ACD Call Center, Conference Bridging.

VartelConnect™ is our SIP trunking product that allows us to connect the customers’ telephone system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) regardless of the make, model, or age of the telephone system.

Vartel911™ provides customers and service providers with a method of providing 911 service that connects the customer to the correct Public Safety Answer Point (PSAP) when a user dials 911. Vartel is unique in that we have no geographic boundaries and our customization abilities are rivaled by no one.

Some of our premier providers

Vartel partners with many connectivity providers and other solution providers to insure that a soup-to-nuts solution can be found in one place. We manage the process for you.

We knew that the success or failure of our VoIP solution would depend on the quality of the internet connection a customer had as well as the Quality of Service rules the customer had prepared on the network. Vartel understood that partnering with others only made sense so Vartel established a Master Agency agreement with the top providers from around to country in order to round out our total product offering.

This is a small list of some of the wonderful companies we represent as Authorized Sales Agents and a brief description of some of their areas of specialty.


Level 3 Communications is an international communications company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company operates one of the world’s largest communication and Internet backbones over an IP-optimized network.

XO is a facilities-based CLEC that operates a nationwide multi-10 Gigabit Tier 1 network and owns significant fiber optic network assets, including an 18,000 route-mile inter-city network and more than 3,300 on-network buildings within 40 major metropolitan markets. XO is a leader in Cloud Computing and IT services.

Verizon is a global leader in delivering innovative communications, information and entertainment. Verizon offers voice, data, and video products and services over intelligent wireless, broadband and global IP networks that meet customers’ growing demand for speed, mobility, security, and control. As a committed corporate citizen, Verizon uses their advanced communications services to address important issues confronting our society.

Collaborative meeting


StartMeeting is a collaborative communications solution serving a range of businesses, individuals, communities and organizations around the world.

This is a living list that is added to frequently.  When you are working with Vartel a complete solution can be engineered.