Partnering Opportunity

Is it your time?

Is it time for you to start your own business or add services to your current portfolio?

Historically starting your own business requires lots of money. When starting a business there are generally two way to go about it.  You can start from the ground up or buy and existing business.  In either you must produce sales immediately just to cover the cost of turning the door latch each day.  There are pros and cons for both approaches but both are very expensive and will exclude many people.

The ideal situation is to be able to turnkey the business you pick and be productive day one with highly desired technical services that will provide recurring revenue year-after-year.  Additionally, you would like to do all this without having overhead, employees, or equipment to purchase and maintain.

Most times when you find an opportunity that fits these requirements you are looking at buying into a franchise or buying someone out of their (hopefully) healthy business.

If you have not explored franchise opportunities let me save you a little time and give you the heads-up that a franchise will cost a lot of startup capital.  You have to buy the franchise rights and then pay them a part of your profits every month.  Oh, the best part is if you do not make the minimum require revenue you still pay them a minimum monthly franchise fee even if you have not made a buck…. you can believe it… it is true.

Buying an existing business you are going to have to pay the owners price that includes, inventory of which some could be stale and you may never move it. You are buying the goodwill and intellectual rights to their products and processes.  Sounds cheap huh?  I personally know a man that has been in business for over 30 years.  The business required an in-house inventory that has grown to a book value of more than one million dollars.  Aside from the inventory he has lots of high dollar employees and buildings.  This person has been trying to get out of this business for years because the market turned for his product and the one million dollars of inventory is worth pennies on the dollar.  His asking price of the company includes the “one million dollar” inventory.  Yikes, if he ever sales his business someone is going to have a parking lot “boat anchor” sale to get rid of this stale inventory!

It is possible to start a new business that offers high demand products right away.  It is also possible to do this with almost zero dollars. Sound impossible doesn’t it? Nope, you will not be a millionaire over night.  You are not selling soap or building a pyramid scheme.  What we offer is a legitimate business opportunity. You will have to work hard but when the revenue starts coming in it is recurring revenue month-after-month.