Vartel is concerned about more than just our customers telephone service. Many of our customers already take advantage of the Vartel Business Continuity feature for our VartelHosted telephone product.

Many refer to Business Continuity as Disaster Recovery. Regardless of which term you know this feature by it is a no additional charge service to our customers. We simply need to discuss how you would like to treat your callers in the event of an outage. It’s that simple.

A large percentage of businesses add some additional disaster recover capabilities each month after they have had a complete failure of some key element of their operations. We all know how important being available to answer our customers telephone calls is but, it is equally important to have hardened locations for one data storage and applications.

As the term “cloud” is tossed around freely these day it is assumed that everyone just knows what the cloud is all about. The term cloud has been around for many years even before it became a popular buzz word. Truth few consumers really do know the advantage of cloud service for their applications and resources until it is too late. Perhaps you need to learn more or just check your facts about what you know. We are available to help with just a phone call. No charge for our expertise. We promise.

A consumer can pay a consultant thousands of dollars to review their overall business continuity plan. Simply write a check and it is done. Vartel would like to present you an alternative to just paying for what is obtainable for free. Consultants are fee based so it is natural for them to add the fear uncertainty and doubt of using a company to review ones infrastructure that also offers products. Their comments are understandable since it is a natural part of their pursuit of your business. Truth is that Vartel represents more than 30 national providers. We provide you a review of a honest multi-pronged approach with constructive suggestions. Use or recommendations or not, no harm, no foul.

Vartel has many resources inside our organization that has been in the trenches of the telecommunications industry for well more than 30 years. Can you benefit from our experience?

Please complete the following form or call us at 866-813-4646.  You will happy you did.