Business Continuity

Vartel Automatic Business Continuity Practice

Often customers have a fear of using Voice over IP (VoIP) service based on “what happens if I lose my internet connection?”.

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This is a valid concern that Vartel has taken very seriously. Vartel has designed into our solution an automatic sensing mechanism that will, upon sensing a failure at the customer site such as that caused by an internet outage, power outage, LAN failure, etc… will implement a pre-defined set of rules that will route calls to:

  • Alternate company locations
  • Answering service
  • Cell phone
  • Home offices
  • Voicemail drop boxes
  • A prepared announcement explaining the trouble or temporary outage
  • User voicemail boxes

Our solution also senses when your location recovers from the outage and automatically re-establishes the original call flow. This implementation and recovery is completely automatic requiring no involvement from you, the customer or Vartel. Protection 24 x 7.


Often a customer has only one source of internet access and is not aware that there are inexpensive alternatives for backup internet service.

The price point for cellular wireless is generally based on the amount of usage which often makes full-time cellular not an affordable primary-internet access option. The idea behind this solution is to have a primary internet service provider and then a backup wireless provider.

Vartel will discuss potential options for your company. Vartel has many carrier class products available to assist you in building your voice and data network.