What does the FCC’s mandates have to do with me?

What does the FCC’s decision have to do with me? The FCC has mandated that large telecom carriers no longer have to support PRI and analog phone lines and other traditional PSTN services after 2018.

Why should you worry? Let’s assume for just a minute that your business sells wheels.  Your best selling wheel for years was a wood wagon wheel with a steel band around the outer surface area. Everyone with a wagon is your customer. The automobile with rubber tires is invented and all automobiles now run on rubber tires.  Your wooden wheels are only used by a few holdouts that are keeping their wagons. It is costing you a lot of money to maintain the wood wheel inventory and likely to sell less as time passes.  It is wholly your decision to continue to inventory the wooden wheels.  Since these wheels have been replaced by rubber tires why would you continue to inventory and support wooden wheels?  You wouldn’t.

This same situation will be where the big carriers will find themselves in 2018.  Don’t be a holdout because your older style telephone lines can go away anytime starting 2018. Avoid the rush and consider changing your telephone service to VoIP now.

This link will take you to the FCC’s comments on this mandate.

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