Get 12 months of service for the cost of 10

Typically VartelHosted or VartelConnect is a month-to-month service and a customer is free to come and go as their business needs dictate.  We never want a customer to feel they are held hostage by us should they need to discontinue service.

Vartel listens to our customers and we are responding with the 12 for 10 promotion.  Some of or customers wanted to reduce their telecommunications cost even further than Vartel’s already cost effect pricing. In response to this trend we are offering for a limited time the 12 for 10 promotion. This is a sample market offer and will be terminated at some time in the future so that we can evaluate the success of this promotion. Please consider taking advantage of this program now.

The 12 for 10 promotion provides:

  • 12 months of VarteHosted or VartelConnect services for the price of 10 months regardless as to the size of the account.
  • The customer gets the same reliable product and service as the month-to-month customers
  • Unlimited program changes

Qualifying for this promotion is simple.  The customer is asked to sign a 12 month agreement for Vartel services.  Then we provide the customer with the 1st month and 12 month of service at no charge.  Simple uh?

If you would like additional information on the 12 for 10 promotion please complete the form below or call us at 866-813-4646.